GMC Fleet Vehicles

Whether you are a large company looking to update your current fleet, or a fledgling business owner wanting to get wheels on the ground, Sherwood Buick GMC's Fleet Department is happy to help. For over twenty years, our team of product specialists has offered unmatched service and expertise to Canadian businesses. We take pride in helping our customers find the perfect vehicles, whatever the job may be.
Why Shop At A GM Business Elite Dealer?

As a Business Elite dealer, we offer a number of advantages that can't be found elsewhere, including:

  • Priority service, and increased speed of delivery.
  • Complete vehicle upfitting & customization.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Work-ready loaners during your vehicle's servicing.
  • A full lineup of ready-to-sell commercial vehicles.
  • Certified facilities, tools, and technicians.

At Sherwood Buick GMC, we want you to get the most out of your fleet! That is why we're offering these tips to consider to help maximize your fleet.

 a.Current Value vs. Future Value

As you probably already know, your vehicles are worth more today than ever before. It's very important to consider the value of a vehicle over its operating costs.

b.Fuel Savings of New Technology

With fuel prices rising, you want your fleet to be as efficient as possible. That is why we offer our customers vehicles with improved fuel management to help keep costs down.

c.Warranty and Maintenance Costs

Let's face it: as your vehicles age, maintenance costs go up. With a fleet of GMCs, you can take advantage of a 160,000km Powertrain Warranty. That's a full 60% longer than any other manufacturer!

d.Improved Interest Rates and Financing

Paying interest for an entire fleet of vehicles can become costly - especially at a higher rate. At Sherwood Buick GMC, our clients have the opportunity to save thousands with improved rates just by trading their vehicles in!

The GM Business Choice program was designed to help you get your fleet work ready with awesome incentives such as:
  • Work-Ready equipment from Adrian Steel
  • $700 Commercial Upfit Cash-Back
  • Up to $1,000 in GM Dealer Accessories
  • $500 Manufacturer-to-Consumer Cash Incentive
At Sherwood Buick GMC, we are known for believing in small business. We want to help you find the vehicles that will help you thrive and flourish with exclusive incentives such as:
  • Simplified Vehicle Purchase Process
  • Small Business Pricing
  • Vehicle Customization Assistance
  • Commercial Lease & Finance Rates
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Ample Vehicle Inventory

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Garry Husak, Assistant Fleet, Lease & Medium Duty Sales Manager, Sherwood Buick GMC

Garry Husak

Assistant Fleet, Lease & Medium Duty Sales Manager
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Herman Wiebe

Fleet & Lease Sales

Available Fleet Vehicles:

2016 GMC Canyon
GMC Canyon
2016 GMC Sierra 1500
GMC Sierra 1500
2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD
GMC Sierra 2500HD
2016 GMC Sierra 3500HD
GMC Sierra 3500HD
2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD Chassis-Cab
GMC Sierra 3500HD Chassis-Cab
2016 GMC Savana
GMC Savana
2015 GMC Savana Cutaway
GMC Savana Cutaway