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Sherwood Customs offers in-house Paint Protection Film (PPF), Vinyl and Tint installation, serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. Our highly experienced team have the expertise to customize and protect your vehicle ensuring its looking its best.

Paint Protection Film

What’s one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from rock chips, road wear and tear, and the elements? Protect the paint on your vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF). Sherwood Customs offers in-house PPF installation at our convenient location in Sherwood Park, to keep your vehicle’s paint looking new while protecting from rock chips, scuffs, UV exposure, and scratches. PPF will protect your vehicle for approximately 5-7 years depending on driving conditions and vehicle maintenance. Paint Protection Film, commonly known as PPF is an incredibly beneficial tool for protecting your vehicle’s surfaces from wear and tear. PPF can be installed to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle to help protect the vehicle from scratches, rock chips, scuffs, UV exposure, and other blemishes. Applied as in clear gloss, the film can be installed to desired specific areas or to the entirety of the vehicle. For example, a basic package would include the front of the vehicle’s hood to protect and reduce damage made by the impact of road wear such as rock chips. Other areas such as the side mirrors, rocker panels, and tailgate are other common and high impact areas where the film is installed. To best protect your vehicle, Sherwood Customs recommends completing a full application of paint protection film to cover the entire vehicle. As the film ages it can easily be removed with no damage to the paint below, leaving the vehicle in pristine condition. On the interior, common high traffic areas are ideal for a film application to protect against scratches, scuffs and chips. This includes areas like trim and accent pieces commonly found on doors and consoles. Ask our experts at Sherwood Customs what PPF can do for your luxury, exotic, or custom vehicle.


Vinyl Wrap

Looking for a way to change the color of your Car, Truck, or SUV without needing to paint it? Vinyl vehicle wraps offer a wide range of colors, styles, and creative ways for you to customize your vehicle right here in Sherwood Park. Our highly qualified team at Sherwood Customs is certain to complete the look of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap to suit your style. Vinyl wraps are the perfect option to upscale the appearance of your vehicle. Applying vinyl to your vehicle will allow you to change the color of your vehicle, add custom accents, or cover chrome areas. Options are essentially endless when it comes to vinyl wraps offered by Sherwood Customs. There is no limit when it comes to choosing a wrap color, full or partial body wraps are available, and even the interior and trim pieces can be wrapped. Although vinyl wraps primary purpose is not protection, they do provide a thin coating that protects against smaller rock chips, bird droppings, and minor UV exposure. If you are looking to install a vinyl wrap on your luxury, exotic, or custom vehicle – trust the experts at Sherwood Customs to make your dream vehicle come true.


PPF or Vinyl? What About Both?

Unsure if you should install Paint Protection Film or a Vinyl Wrap on your vehicle? Sherwood Customs is here to answer your questions and provide advice on what we recommend for your vehicle. While PPF is a great option if you are looking for added protection for your vehicle’s paint, it is a clear material which keeps the appearance of the vehicle’s paint visible without changing the vehicle’s appearance.

Vinyl is a great option if you are looking to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle. Vinyl is a thiner, less durable material than Paint Protection Film so it’s protection against the paint below is less likely to protect against potential scuffs, scrapes, and blemishes. Vinyl’s main purpose is aesthetic without the permanence of paint.

If you’re wanting to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap or accent while keeping it protected, we recommend applying a Paint Protection Film over the vinyl material. This extra layer will provide the protection you need against wear and tear while showcasing the unique appearance of your luxury, custom, or exotic vehicle. Sherwood Customs has PPF and Vinyl Packages that can be installed right in our Customs Shop in Sherwood Park, Ab.

Our experts at Sherwood Customs are here to discuss and advise you on the best options based on your personal preferences, driving practices, and location.












Here at Sherwood Customs, we have the tools and experience to install the perfect window tint customized to your preference and vehicle. Window tint is known to enhance your driving experience, vehicle appearance, and comfort and safety behind the wheel. It also can add a layer of protection by blocking UV rays to protect the surfaces and materials from sun damage and discolouration. It can be applied to any or all windows of your vehicle, including the windshield and can last approximately 5 years. Ask an expert at Sherwood Customs about our tinting options to learn what’s best for you and your vehicle.


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Sherwood Customs works with the highest quality of wraps and tints; 3M, Xpel, Avery, Suntec, and Inozetek are just a few trusted by our experts at Sherwood Customs. Inquire with our Customs team today on PPF, Vinyl, & Tint options to get your vehicle protected!

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