The cost of maintaining your vehicle

We get it. Fixing or repairing your vehicle is never fun and can sometimes be an unexpected expense that you haven’t planned for. We don’t want you to have to choose to keep your vehicle safe and road worthy over daily living. That is why we have partnered with Driver Capital™ and Flexiti™ to provide you with options to cover your service and maintenance expenses in ways that are easier and more convenient for you.


What are my options?

Our financing options are not just for paying for repairs. If you need assistance paying for your scheduled maintenance, we got you covered. Living in Alberta, you know that winter tires are the safer way to travel during the colder months, but they can be quite expensive. Financing your tires, allows you to break up the expense over the year and gives you and your family peace of mind when out on the icy roads. You can even finance accessories like a lift or wheels and pay for it just like you would new appliances for your home.

Compare below to see which option is the one for you and click through to get approved today!

No credit check, same day approval option


  • Will not affect your credit score
  • Great option if you are also looking to apply for credit for something else like a home or credit card and you don’t want this to appear on your credit history
  • Same day approval
  • Based on the value of your vehicle
  • Monthly payment reminders


  • Typically has higher interest rate
  • A GPS may need to be installed on your vehicle for the duration of the loan
  • Based on the value of your vehicle

Lower Interest Rate, Credit Card Type Option

  • PROS

    • Interest rates available as low as 0%
    • Split up your purchase or pay later
    • Freedom to use it at other merchants within the Flexiti network
    • Quick Approval
    • Flexiti insurance program offers payment protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances


    • Credit check required and will go onto your credit report
    • If your credit is low, you might not be approved
    • Another credit card to keep track of

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